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             “質量是企業的生命”,這句話實實在在烙在每一個人的心中。依靠精良的設備、先進的手段和科學的 管理,保證了整個生產過程嚴格受控于IS09001質量體系,模具從材質選擇、加工生產、裝配調試都經過嚴 格檢驗。

                  "Quality is the life our company" has been deeply rooted in the ideology of the employees,advanced equipments and state-of-the-art management guarantee the entire proessing to be under complete control of IS09001 quality system, each part is strctly examined through material selection, process, aasembly and test.

        意大利三坐標測量機 CMM from Italy

        英國三坐標測量機 CMM from England

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