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      2. 汽車模具  Motor die product



               The hemming-die of hood was developed and built  for Fengshen Automobile Company to produce the hood components of Bluebird by Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co.,Ltd. The building of hood-hemming die illuminates the top-level of contemporary auto-panel die's manufacture in China, Many new technologies have been used, such as automatic feeding and positioning, so that it stamps the high-quality products in China. 


        重型卡車大梁落料模 Blank die of member panel for heavy-duty truck

        重型卡車頂蓋拉延模 Draw die of Roof for truck

        輕型車地板拉延模  Draw die of floor for light-duty truck

        轎車門里板拉延模 Draw die for lnner Door car

                   轎車后輪罩吊楔修邊沖孔模                                  轎車后輪罩斜楔翻邊模

           Aerial cam trim die of real wheel housing for car          Cam flange die of real wheel housing for car

                      轎車拉延模                                             轎車發動機外板吊楔翻邊模

                   Draw die of car                              Flange &aerial cam die of outer hood for car

                      轎車發動機罩內板拉延模                                   轎車發動機罩外板翻邊模

                 Draw die of inner hood for car                         Flange die of outer hood for car

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