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          公司鳥瞰 OverLooking compan東風汽車模具有限公司座落在中國著名的道教圣地武當山麓,湖北省十堰市。始建于1969年, 2003年12月19日改制為有限責任公司,是一家立足東風、面向國內外具有獨立法人資格的大型專業模 具公司。該公司占地面積10.8萬平方米,生產面積3.1萬平方米,固定資產1.7億元;現有員工840 人,其中工程技術人員160人,高中級技術人員73人,高中級技師22人。作為國家“863'’計劃 CIMS高新技術應用先導企業,擁有沖壓調試設備23臺,數控加工及檢測設備38臺;建有45個CAD和 20個CAM圖形工作站。主導產品有:汽車冷沖模、檢驗夾具、汽車主模型、汽車零部件、模具標準 件等。

          自1969年建廠以來,先后為東風汽車有限公司、神龍汽車有限公司、東風本田、江鈴、慶鈴、 四川豐田、上海大眾、通用、奇瑞等十多家汽車公司制造模具20000余套,1979年起四次向日本、 美國出口模具40多套,在國際、國內模展會上多次獲獎,企業先后被授予“全國環境保護先進企 業”、中國建設銀行“3A信用等級單位”、“湖北省文明單位”等榮譽稱號,并分別通過了 IS09001:2000、TSl6949:2002質量體系認證、IS014001環境管理體系和GB/T28001-2001安全管 理體系認證。

            東風模具中心 Overview of new shopDongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd. lies at the foot of Wudang Mountain which is a shrine of Taoism, Shiyan, Hubei, China. It was founded in 1969, and was transformed to a limited company on December 19, 2003. Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd. is a large-scale specialized die & mould company. Who is a legal person rooting in DFM and serving the customers home and abroad. Its occupation area is 108,000m2, and the production area is 31,000m2; fixed assets is 170 million RMB. Now there are 840 employees ,of them 160 engineers, 73 senior engineers and 22 technicians. Being the leading enterprise of "863" plan and Hi-tech application of CIMS in China, it has 23 sets of die trial presses, 38 sets of CNC machine, and checking machine, 45 CAD and 20 CAM workstations. Its leading products are auto stamping dies, checking fixtures, auto master model,auto components and die standard parts,etc.

            Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co., Ltd. has built 20,000 sets of dies for DFM, Dongfeng-citroen Motor, Dongfeng-Honda Motor, Jiangling Motor, Qingling Motor, Sichuan Toyota, Shanghai Volkswagen. Shanghai General Motor and Chery Motor since 1969. It exported more than 4o sets of dies to Japan and American since 1979. Its dies have been awarded many prizes on Die & Tools exhilfitions at home and abroad. It was been awarded "Advanced Enterprise for Protecting Environment" , "3A-credit Enterprise" By China Construction Bank, "Civilized Unit in Economic System" in Hnbei, and so on. It gained ISO 9001:2000 certificate of quality system, TSI6949:2002 certificate of qualily system, ISO14001 certificate of environment management, and GB/T28001-2001 certificate of health and safety management.  




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        咨詢電話:0719-8221425 0719-8223325
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