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      2. 檢具  Checking fixture


              PUG(Parts Unit Gauge)總成檢具主要用來檢查各裝潢件單件或總成件各件之間的安裝匹配關系,保證車身各部分的匹配精度,依靠PUG總成檢具,能及時發現設計缺陷,識別和排除存在的問題。模具公司在開發此項技術中采用了三維實體設計技術、裝配設計技術、參數化設計技術和總成爆炸圖設計技術,實現了檢具CAD/CAM的一體化。該項技術在國產化開發方面處于國內領先水平,性價比優于國外同類技術,填補了國內大型總成檢具制造的空白。

             PUG is used to check the assembly relation of all relative parts of components, it helps to reassure the precision of the auto body, and to find the faults of the design, so as to find and remove the existing problems. DF-DMC has used 3D-solid design, assembly design, explosive-assembly design, parameterized design and achieved the integration of CAD/CAM on C/F. The leading technology is first used in China and has a good performance-and-price ratio,and makes it possible for China to build such big and complex C/Fs.


                   轎車前后端PUG檢具                                                     輕型車檢具

             PUG of front and rear part for passenger car                         Checking for light trunck

                     車燈總成檢具                                              轎車 車罩檢測支架

              Checking fixture of lamp assembly              Checking fixture of wheel housing panel for car

                       轎車前照燈支架檢具                                  轎車門里板檢測支架

           Checking fixture of front lamp blanket for car            Checking fixture of inner door for car

                          輪罩檢具                                                轎門板檢具

                 Checking fixture of wheel housing                 Checking fixture of door panel

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