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            模具公司己初步實現了CAD/CAE/CAM/CAPP一體化,全面實現了DL圖和模具結構的 三維設計,應用CAE技術對復雜沖壓過程進行計算機仿真模擬,從而提高模具設計的水平。早在九十年代中期,我們就全面采用了CAM技術加工模具型面,通過網絡系統直接傳 遞數控加工程序,實現了模具的DNC加工,隨后引進了RE逆向工程技術,實現了由實體模 型建立數學模型的重大突破,進入2000年又引進了激光切割機、高速數控銑,使數控加工 的綜合能力進一步提高。

                模具公司共建有20個CAMT作站,UG、 CATIA、 POWERSHAPE、 POWERMILL此等軟 件廣泛應用于編程加工。 主導開發的CAPP工藝系統,建立了模、 檢具標準工藝庫,實現了工藝編制標準化、系統化。

                Dongfeng Motor Die & Mould Co.,Ltd. has basically realized the integration of CAD/CAE/CAM/CAPP. It completely comes true the 3D design of DL drawing and die. CAE technology is used to simulate the sheet metal forming of complex stamping parts so as to improve the level of die's design. In mid-90's. CAM technology was used to machine dies, and realized the DNC machining through net technology. Later, RE technology was imported and mastered to create 3D-data model from the true model. In 2000. laser-cutting machine and high-speed milling machines were bought and pill into use, and the general ability of NC milling has been improved remarkably.

               There are 20 CAM workstations which used for NC programing based on UC, CATIA, POWERSHAE,POWERMILL,etc. Dongfeng Motor Die&Mould Co.,Lid. has successfully developed the CAPP system, and built the process data base for die and checking- fixture's manufacture, and realized the standard and systemic process.

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